Kamooni is Expanding!

Sam Chambers

   After almost 2 years in development, we're on the move...

Freeking, FREEK we're excited!

After almost 2 years in development, untold numbers of coders, untold hours spent coding, re-coding, co-coding, code-CODING. we. are. done. 

Our property management system has proven stable enough to roll-out on a mass scale, so we've been driving around the country setting-up our favourite backpackers, guesthouses, and game-farms on the Kamooni system. 

It feels SO GOOD to have escaped from behind our computer screens out into the big-wide-world of WHY we started Kamooni in the first place. From the lush green hills of the Transkei to the forests of the Garden route and Salty Seas of the Cape, this country of ours has so much to offer and we can't wait to show it off.

If you're the owner/manager/employee/know-someone/have-ever-been-to-a-decent-backpackers please CONTACT US! Our Property Management System is far superior to what's available in the South African market at the moment and what's more, we're amazing people with a great cause, what's not to love ;)

If you'd like to speed up the signup process, you can send an email to info@kamooni.com with:

  • Your current international transaction fee

  • Which channels you are listed on

  • A list of Rooms & Rates

  • Are Payment links an acceptable method of payment for you?

  • When are you available for a visit or call?

Here's a list of who's signed up so far, and some sweet reviews:


The South African Tourism industry has prioritized luxury game farms and over-priced hotels for too long. 

It's time that we gather ourselves together and start focussing on the things that really matter: Authentic Experiences, Genuine Connections, Laid-Back Affordable Destinations, and Life-Changing Adventures.

Change is coming... Join us and become a part of a growing family of conscious, creative travelers.
Email: info@kamooni.com