Kamooni's Journey So Far

Sam Chambers

Kamooni's Journey So Far

 A Soulful South African Story

Welcome to the Global Kamoonity of conscious travellers making a difference.

Although Kamooni has already been running for almost 2 years, most of the work up until now has been in the background, 

making sure that all app's and software systems are running seamlessly, ready for our big launch! 

And Lo'And'Behold the day has come! Our system is finally up-and running and we're ready to meet the South African Market. 

Here we'll take you through a brief rundown of why Kamooni started and where we are today.


In early 2016 our founder Herman Vercuiel was working at a popular backpackers along the Garden Route when he began to notice a few things.

The backpackers was a administrative mess, handwritten dinner info, a nonsensical excel sheet of bookings 

and a chaotic crew of staff meant that the managers were really struggling to keep the ship afloat when the high-tide of tourists came crashing in. 

He also became aware of how this system was impacting their guests as check-ins dragged on,

check-outs were a puzzling plethora of paper and their overall enjoyment was generally soured by the experience. 

Another issue was that while the owners of the backpackers thrived, the community of people in the surrounding area received none of the 

financial benefits. 


So he decided to do something about it!

Rallying together a team of software developers, social activists, travel guides and generally good-people

he set out to create South Africa's very own Conscious Travel App 

And it's name was to be Kamooni, meaning in-communion, an App that helps foster deeper connections with places and people.

The App now has two-sides, one for Hosts, which allows them to manage their entire property, channel manager, stock, bar,

accounting and many other key features from their mobile device, mac or PC. Then of course one for Travellers ,

which allows users to explore and book a variety of conscious locations and activities, participate in community projects,

order shuttles and record all of their personal information on one easy platform.


 Travellers are able to give back to the community through an in-built 1% donation on everything paid for through the app, choosing to give more if they wish.

They are also able to make more informed decisions and align their choice of accommodation and activities with their own ethical, ecological values. 

These features help to prevent the exploitation of humans and environment, while supporting the amazing people preserving them.



If you're a Host who'd like to join us on this journey, then please get in touch with us via email: herman@kamooni.com or on any of our social media platforms

If you're a Traveller, then hold tight, your side of the App will be fully operational very soon. 

Until then you can follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates on the App and a peek into South Africa and all of it's beauty.

Features of the Traveller App


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Social Upliftment

Kamooni donates 1% of all money spent through the app to charity organisations of the travellers choice, this offers tourists the opportunity to give-back to the communities of plants, animals and people that have helped make their trips so special. Users can also choose to donate more if they feel especially moved by their experience. Kamooni is in the process of partnering with a variety of charities to turn these percentage points into palpable change, please contact our communications manager if you have any suggestions: sam@kamooni.com.

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Conscious Accommodation and Activities

Kamooni hopes to provide users with all of the information they need to choose conscious accommodation and activities which align with their own personal values. By assigning each host with a 'consciousness checklist' and allowing travellers to rate and review them via a wide range of environmental and social criteria we aim to encourage a culture of conscious travel. 

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Security and Convenience

The Kamooni App allows travellers to upload all of their personal information once (ID, Bank Details, Name, Address etc.) allowing them to simply scan a barcode at reception to easily check-in to any establishment. Payments can also be done via the app and transportation organised. This system ensures the safety of the traveller and their sensitive personal information throughout the trip while minimising the need to carry cash.

Features of the Host App


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Check in Guests, Faster

Check in your guests with a single scan and collect accurate & required information of all your customers. All the while complying with GDPR & POPI regulations.

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Receive payments, from anywhere

Your guests can now make payments using their favourite methods securely from their Traveller App. 

No need for card machines, they simply scan your unique QR code to pay.

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Track and Visualise Data

South African Travel data is a valuable asset to have when reaching out for government funding or attempting to create legitimacy within the industry. By signing up with Kamooni you join the next-generation of hosts helping to upgrade the tourism industry of South Africa.

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Approaching Hostels & Adventure companies

Kamooni has been a part of SAYTC since 2017 and we will be presenting our refined solution to hostel & adventure company owners once again this year. Last year we offered a free Property management, Booking, Point of sale system and it was quite successful.

Up until now we are already providing these solutions to some of South Africa's most acclaimed hostels and will continue developing the system to help improve service delivery & reduce margins of waste within South African tourism

This year we hope to onboard all SAYTC memebers (hosts) in the potential aid of statistics collection, in order to get much needed government funding.