Kamooni 3.0

Test as the manager..

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1. Mr. Potato calls us to reserve a room for tomorrow. Send him (aka yourself) a provisional email. Modify the expiration date and choose an expiration time close to when you do the survey.
2. Has the 'provisionally confirmed your reservation' email made it to your mailbox?
3. Did you get 'A reminder about your provisional reservation'?
4. Does the booking disappear after the 'Your provisional reservation has been cancelled' email has arrived?
5. Mrs. Cabbage also calls us to reserve a single room for 2 nights, starting tomorrow. Send her (yourself) a provisional email.
6. Click the 'pay securly online' button on the email and make payment.
7. Is Mrs. Cabbage reservation automatically confirmed on the booking scheduler?
8. And now, when checking in your inbox: Is there a confirmation email, too?
9. A family of 3, the Cookies, have arrived yesterday and are staying in our quad room. (2 adults, 1 kid) - Does the system allow to just add 1 kid? (Without autopopulating an adult?)
10. They all had dinner with us. However, they were not impressed at all and complained that they were still hungry after the meal. Give them a 10% discount.
11. Go to POS and also add some drinks to their tab, change the prices and give some discount.
12. Today they went for an early morning Yoga class.
13. Mr. and Mrs. Cookie are ready to pay and check out. Mrs. Cookie pays the her bill cash and Mr. Cookie the rest with card.
14. Are the totals on the invoice correct?
15. Send out a confirmation email to Ms. Lemon (yourself) - she and 2 friends are staying in a dorm room.
16. Check everyone in online.
17. Are Ms. Lemon's and her friends details updated in the booking scheduler?
If other, please specify: